Saturday, August 10, 2002

Statement of purpose / letter of intent for an MBA program at a North American University

This is an old document. If you need help with your SOP, let me know. I would be glad to revise yours.
  1. How to get accepted in an MBA program in North America? 
  • Work hard to get good GPA at your undergraduate studies. 
  • Make yourself visible / promote yourself 
  • Write a nice SOP / Letter of intent / Statement of Purpose 
  • Write them a convincing letter that you are the best applicant for the year 
  • Ensure that you list your qualifications and extracurricular achivement 

In today’s evolving organizations, computerized systems are becoming crucial to the survival of business. I would like to help in the development and evolution of those systems for use in managing the information resources required for the success of today’s organizations. I am therefore applying for Masters in Information Systems Management at XYZ Univ.

I am expected to complete my bachelor degree in Computer and Communications Engineering in August 1999 from the American University of Beirut (AUB). During my five years of study at AUB, I had a significant exposure to computer programming. In addition, I self taught myself Java, Visual Basic, Web development, Database programming (Access) in order to complement my programming skills. I have a deep understanding of hacking, disassembling, patching and unlocking software.

In the spring of 1998, the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (FEA) drew a contest among the students to design an total web educational system for universities. I entered the contest with three of my colleagues and we succeeded in securing the first prize. We did also present our project at a national fair organized by the ministry of commerce to show excellent projects of the year. Our team got the highest score in the competition ahead of thirty (30) other groups.

Furthermore, during my summer internship in July / August 1998 I worked at NCR, Beirut in the Banking Automation department. I implemented a web scheduling and project management tools to help the team share documents, pictures and information about clients; projects at Lebanese banks. It was very interesting to work with such a team installing the first few Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) in Lebanon back in 1998.

At the turn of the century, all the old companies are forced to move forward by applying the newest high tech tools and trying to cope with the fast pace of the “e-world” we are living in. If this change is not done now, these companies will soon find themselves left behind. I would like to participate in this evolution and be part of it. I want to help enhancing the organizations’ structures to be more efficient by applying the power of information technology to the management process.

Everything now is in the form of databases. From stores, to restaurants; from large companies to small personal business, all rely on databases. The key to a successful business is not necessarily having the fastest computer or latest software but to be able to retrieve the required information from the databases, use it efficiently and supply it smoothly to the customer. A good example is the e-commerce. I like to implement online stores so that businesses will not be bound any longer by time or geography.

By word of mouth, friends at XYZ Univeristy, and Internet web sites, I know that XYZ Univeristy has an excellent reputation worldwide, especially in MIS. I am also fascinated by the versatility and depth of training of the curriculum your program offer and in the way they are shaped to provide the students with the needed technical training and the required management skills. I believe that through the wide variety of courses, team based projects, and career services, the MBA program can help me develop a dynamic career by providing me with the required skills and strategies to become an IT manager.

My work was not limited to studies only. I have a good variety of extra curricular activities. I was behind the chartering of an IEEE student chapter at AUB in 1996 in which I am currently a member of the executive committee. Moreover, I have been a volunteer member in the Lebanese Red Cross Club (LRCC) at AUB for the past two years. I participated in a large number of social activities like helping the orphans of Lebanon and caring for the needs of older adults. I volunteered as a reader for the blind library at AUB.  I have been also in the AUB Insights Club since 1997 as an executive member.

I believe that my past experience has given me a good background for such a career and has provided me with a broad exposure to networks and Internet designs. However, it could not give me the possibility to blend both the technical training with the managerial competence. I still need to gain a solid base in marketing and management as well as enhance the technological skills I learned through practice. I would hope to be accepted at your prestigious MBA program to have the opportunity to achieve my goals and be part of the wave of change that will form the leaders of tomorrow's digital arena.