Sunday, September 09, 2007

CYNOPROD, an innovative business model

The best manner to understand a business model is to live that model for a while and see its competitive advantage for its clients and its effects on providers. Disruptive technologies need a revolutionary business environment or imaginary visions to change our lives.

Lately I was working on a business project for Cynopord and I discovered how a business can prosper in a very competitive and established industries. Basically, the company is based in Canada, and it is one of the world leaders in the dental industry. CYNOPROD is a conceptual integrator in the installation of the most sophisticated production center solutions in the dental industry. It offers a complete range of unique and innovative dental solutions that combine advanced technologies to produce the best quality of prostheses in today's dental market. They can be classified as the pioneer in dental CAD/CAM technology nowadays, and the company could established dental production center partnerships in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

As I understood, the market for dental machineries is very established and almost monopolized. However, this entrepreneurial firm could penetrate slowly into several markets using a repackaging techniques and advanced marketing tools. A lot of service providers are competing in the same markets and putting loads of money to attract dentists and lab operators towards their technologies and products but very few are successful. There are several secrets behind the model and I would love to know them in order to apply them in different industries with similar competitive trends and market forces.

If you would like to see more about this business model, I suggest you visit the site and look around for some competitors in order to see the similarities with other markets and industries. One might be able to sneak into a tighter cartel with such neat tricks. Who knows?