Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gmail Down again

I totally understand that this is a free beta service used as is and there is no guarantee for the super reliability of the service.

However, what is calling for wonder is whether this is due to kind of internal maintenance or an external DDoS attack.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A proposal to start an Alternative Investment Club at Concordia University

Of all the clubs and associations currently active under Concordia University, Students Union or Departmental associations, Alternative investments club will be the first to communicate the ideology of alternative models of Finance and Economics and to bring concrete sustainable directions into the field of finance and investments. . Organizations Associations that are dealing with the concepts of Commerce and economics , are taking a very conventional and narrow conservative minded approach to present its activities to the Concordia community. i.e. some are targeting business students only while others are targeting economics students only. . We intend to have a much more universal approach and reach out to all departments in order to offer all undergraduate students an option to learn more about conventional and alternative investments opportunities and how to make the best of both worlds. communicate with several faculties. We believe that the current job market is such that being a well rounded candidate is essential. Bearing that in mind, the diversity of the participants will ensure that peripheral learning takes place along with direct absorption of knowledge.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lehman Brothers Shipped Off $400B to Israel Just Before Bankruptcy Nice !

Lehman Brothers Shipped Off $400B Just Before Bankruptcy Nice !

By Linda Sandler
September 27, 2008

Bloomberg -- Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.'s brokerage unit, in the months before its parent filed for bankruptcy protection, lost more than $400 billion in assets, according to the trustee overseeing customer accounts.

Lehman's holding company filed for bankruptcy Sept. 15 claiming $639 billion in assets, using four-month-old data. The wholly owned brokerage unit shrank to less than $100 billion in assets from $500 billion ``a few months ago,'' according to a Sept. 19 court statement by James Giddens, the trustee overseeing the settling of Lehman brokerage customer accounts by the Securities Investor Protection Corp.

The loss in value was caused by ``changes in the market,'' according to Giddens, a partner at law firm Hughes Hubbard & Reed, who spoke at a bankruptcy court hearing in Manhattan. The runoff may indicate Lehman's customers, including many hedge funds, canceled and closed out trades as they began to doubt the firm's ability to navigate the credit crunch, bankruptcy analysts and lawyers said.

"There was the proverbial run on the bank'' at Lehman, said Martin Bienenstock of the law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf, who is advising clients including Walt Disney Co. on recovering their money from Lehman. There was a similar capital flight from Bear Stearns earlier this year, he said.

Most of Lehman's pre-bankruptcy assets were securities, according to its balance sheets. Lehman said on Sept. 10 that the consolidated gross assets of the firm stood at $600 billion and net assets at $311 billion. The difference between net and gross is the so-called matched book, which is overnight lending or securities pledged for overnight borrowing.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama.... Congratulations

Finally a non-white came to prove to the Whites in their empire that a human being should not be judged by his color. Rather, a human being can lead with his words, charisma, mentality, appeal and aims.

An African is going to lead America for the coming 4 years. He would not be the Barack Hussein Obama that people thought of. He declared that he is not a muslim anymore and was ready to kick his aunt out of the opportunities land for the sake of the chair. Do not overhope. Do not over attend.

Obama will be better than the new-cons but would not change a lot of foreign policies as we can see from his talk with Israelis. I think he would try his best to prove that he is not biased and maybe Blacks (Sorry for the term) would suffer further during his term because he can not align with them.

Let us wait and see.

However, I would like to congratulate this young president for his dedication and persistance to climb the whole ladded in less than 30 years. Amazing huh.