Monday, November 21, 2005

Referendum symptoms

It was a hot week (Nov. 8,9,10) because all the undergraduate and graduate students voted for a "Yes" or a "No" without knowing what are the main reasons behind any of them.

Active campaigns was telling people to go and Vote for a "Yes" while others were shouting "No, no.. These Yes' people are not of our line". It is astonishing to see such radical split within the educated community who are supposed to come and learn how to organize the society of the future.

At the end, 6 "Yes" teams wins and celebrated while the others "JUST" disappeared. There was no follow up nor clarification. It seems that all the heat came from some personal allergy against each other without any objective reasoning.

At the graduate side, Concordians agreed to join CFS-Q and pay $7.20 yearly. It was not a matter of joining or not because any national students' federation would help sustain the rights of students in Canada. However, the problem of governance is a major issue. Who can ensure that this money would be spent in the right direction.

At the undergraduate level, the money would go for different vague directions. The radio program deserves some funding but does it have any strategic planning? I do not know for sure but selecting an AM band for a university student radio is the worst idea I have ever heard of in the 21st century.

I believe strongly in supporting People's Potato but I hope that they would decrease their vegan spirits and feed some regular vegetarians from time to time.