Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A brother wrote a touching story about his first approach with a potential lady for his life. He put up a very interesting story from the first sight to the minute he decided to forget about this un-ongoing relationship.

I have added few points that I would like to share with the few single brothers on my friends' list:

Bilal wrote: 

An interesting story indeed. Humans have a strong tendency to be in a relation. It might happened to a lot other people. Since, there is no way to go forward, I think you have taken the best step. Sleep well and get up because tomorrow will bring new sun, new hope, new chances and of course new ways to let the other side know that: Hey I am more serious than I look 
Wish you all the best and in sha2 Allah soon, you will find your soul mate. I suggest to get some help and not rely on the first sight feeling especially in an elevator. Eyes are deceiving believe it or not. 
For all brothers looking to get married:
You need to see the girl when she takes off her outdoor look. Mothers and sisters can help a lot with this. If you are not fortunate enough to have a mother to your side, ask the help from a woman you trust. Get some insights about the real life of the one that you appreciate. 
A final note, make sure she is able to understand you as well (with all your pitfalls and little things that we hide at home). Make sure she has a strong belief in Allah because you need her to raise your future children according to your life style.