Thursday, October 27, 2005

Disruptive Technologies: Email

Internet seems to be the most disruptive technology ever-seen in the world. However, email and other online transactions (email clone) disrupted our lives much more. In the simplest picture, the internet linked our computers. However, email was the first pal-medium to create a momentum for humanity.

Armestrong's step was really giant, however, it could not change anything in our habbits so far. Emails changed the lives of billions on this earth and became a mandatory routine every morning and evening for serious professionals. Worse, it became an hourly or minutly routine for novice computer users who eat and breath in the cyber space.

Gmail came lately to change even the whole scenario. It is changing the email game. With its invitation tactics at the begining, it provided google with a huge free database of personal links from gurus who strive to protect privacy online. Google wizards can draw a huge tree of friends all over the world.

They know who are my friends and with the adsense technology, they know what we have in common. By fetching some words from our emails, they know where we like to go and how do we spent our leisure time and whether we are exchanging men's secrets in the workplace or not.
Indeed, they got to know a lot and security agencies might envy them for their ability to urge people to disclose personal information and allow Google-services to absorb every single details of our da-to-day life. Furthermore, they succeeded to make us compete to run and join the Blog, Gmail, Adsense, Smart Search... areana.

On the 34th anniversary of email, I would like to congratulate the Googlers for their successful product and congratulate the information generation that we have more services than what we dream of.

A brighter vision for the .Mind World

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Economic Theories

While working on an assignment, I had to review most of the economical theories over the history. It amazed me again how most of them were working for the sake of society benefits but were contradicting each other and claiming that one's theory does not solve the problems of the society. Most of them did not took the difference of societies and time into account while criticizing the other's theory.

For example, Adam Smith's invisible hand was not favored by Robbins and was criticized by other Marxist without showing the affect of their own societies and cultural heritage on this refusal.
Furthermore, most economic professors label themselves with one theory or economical approach and bias their lectures by that.

I am looking for an impartial economics professor who is able to criticize and judge all the theories based on the latest changes in our global village regardless of his own background.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Policy Leaders program

I got this email as well as other students. However, I did not see much interest for this important call amongst the Business students.
Is it the problem of the business school that is not building a new mindset or it is the problem of students who are not struggling to differntiate themselves?

As for me, I see that the problem lies in both and students should cooperate with the administration of the Business School to build a better future for JMSB potential graduates.

The Government of Canada is welcoming applications for the 2006 Recruitment of Policy Leaders program. The program will provide approximately 40 exceptional graduate students an opportunity to enter the federal public service of Canada as middle-to-senior level policy analysis.

Successful participants will have exceptional leadership abilities, demonstrated through academic, work and volunteer experience, which will enable them to take on significant responsibilities in shaping Canadian public policy.

We would appreciate if you would forward the following information specifically to the outstanding graduate students at your institution who, in your opinion have the following qualifications:

- Applicants must have, or be completing a master's or doctoral degree. Candidates must have completed their degree within a specified time frame;

- Candidates must have a strong record of academic achievement, including graduate scholarships and distinctions, such as, but not limited to, the Trudeau, Fulbright, Rhodes, and SSHRC or NSERC awards;

- Applicants must have acquired policy-related experience through academic studies, participation in student government, work and/or volunteer experience, public service, non-governmental organizations or extracurricular activities;

- Successful candidates will have demonstrated leadership and initiative through significant achievements in activities outside their field of study.

We encourage interested graduate students from all disciplines, who have the aptitude and abilities to tackle Canada's public policy challenges, to submit an on-line application for the Recruitment of Policy Leaders Program at between October 6 and October 27, 2005.

Concordia Students: A Quake Walk for the victims

It was another cold day in Montreal on Friday the 21st of October. Tens of students (Pakistanis, Indians, Lebanese, Chinese, Canadians...) met in front of the Hall Building - SGW Campus in downtown and decided to walk despite the cold wind. More than two hours on St. Catherine street collected around $1635 that would go to Pakistan as soon as possible throughout Oxfam-Quebec and another organization.

The organizing team expected more money but the end results delighted their day. They felt that they contributed something for the victims that are struggling to survive in the much worse weather in Pakistan and Kashmir. It was very cold in Montreal that afternoon but they knew that the temperature over there in South Asia would be much colder at the moment and they had everything to protect their young bodies. However, the victims were in dire need for anything to cover their weak freezing bodies.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Robert Milton in Concordia

Air Canada manager was invited to Concordia last Friday and he disclosed a lot of information about the future of the company and its Quarterly results.

He was sending positive signals in front of more than 100 business students and several professors at the faculty of John Molson School of Business. However, I did not notice anybody putting the efforts to convey these messages to the market.

There is a huge gap between business schools in Canada and the Toronto Ex. There should be higher level of commitment from the student side to delve into the market as soon as they start their first portfolio course in order to build a stronger reputation for their degrees and in order to find jobs easier.

Sustainable Business Conference in Concordia University

Another day is coming on the way :)

It was a short meeting with an undergraduate student organizing the Sustainable Business Conference next March. We discussed the possibility of joining them and the potential tasks. I liked her simplicity but did not like the vague planning.

I feel I can help them reshape the conference this year and enhance the quality of lectures, the amount of sponsorships, and the social aspect of the conference.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Helping the Quake victims

A real shock. It was hard to see all these people loosing their dwellings and looking for help. Millions of homeless looking with red eyes towards the international community to help them and send them some food because most of their govermental budget is wasted into arrogant projects.

A few youngpeson from Concordia University and McGill called for an urgent meeting to setup some releif efforts. With the help of God, they collected about $15,000 in two days.

They are still willing to work and help. However, I feel sad for that large population that live under misery line while it has a good GDP and their yearly income is decent. Though, most of the money is spent where it is not profitable.

Hopefully, these goverment would learn with time that the confort of their own population is the best investment in the defense system. Otherwise, they would face what Saddam Hussein of Iraq is facing and what Bashar el Assad might face soon (Unless he got a dirty deal with dirty George).