Thursday, April 13, 2006

Students' Money. Is it FREE money?

I do not know how to start or how shall I present the topic. However, it is an irritating issue that is shaping my nightmares these days.

Is students' money paid for their associations FREE for anyone to play with it?
How can we establish accountability crieteria to make students' representatives accountable for the money they get from their fellows and should be directed for the best of collaborative life?

I noticed lately many doubts about money spending and it seems that people might abuse the power (of any type) once they acquire it easily and noone is there to ask them What you are doing or where you have got what you have?

Coming from a corrupted country, I thought North Americans are transparent and would not commit any of the mysteries that I used to be used to behind the ocean. It seems that I was mistaken and abuse does not have a nationality or race.

Is it the human nature? I do not think so.
Is it the culture? It should not be.

Personally, I have no answer but I would try my best to change something in case something can be changed.