Friday, January 13, 2006

What do Business graduates need?

I finished my first degree in business and heading into the second degree but still I could not answer this question.

Some students came to the MBA for the prestige of it. They thought, MBA will push them high into the corporate pyramid. Others came to acquire new skills that enable them to compete into the tight Northern American market. A lot of international students left their countries and sacrificed their savings in order to get an International degree and a reputation for their skillset. A lot of them are struggling now to find a new job. They are struggling sometimes more than what they used to be. At one hand, they used to compete into their own field that they knew well and acquired enough skills to work in. Now, they are competing with new others and in another land they do not know much about it.

Very few came to acquire a new mindset and understand the trick of the business. An MBA or another degree in commerce would not enable an engineer or a science student to find his dream career because he/she has a new degree. An MBA was designed to enhance the understanding of business for de-facto managers and evolved to become the corporate standard of excellence. However, having too many excellent MBA lately devaluated the MBA value :(