Thursday, March 27, 2003

Petition to broadcast AlJazeera English to North America

We, the people that believe in democracy, freedom of speech, justice and prosperity to every living soul are grateful to Aljazeera news channel for its much appreciated efforts; its strong will and courage for its continuous coverage of the inhumane massacres to shed the light on Israeli terrorism against all definition of human rights that are recognized by international laws.

While we can rely on the Aljazeera news channel and the internet website to provide us with facts and the truth from ground zero perspective, we can not neglect the fact that the non-Arabs can only rely on other media organizations that mostly rely on the Zionists’ biased points of view.  For that, we the people, demand of Aljazeera for an English media to communicate the facts to non-Arabic readers and viewers.  Many of us don’t fully understand Arabic or at least can’t read it well enough to rely on the website as a source of information.  We believe an English media can help us and help the other non-Arabic speaking people that lack the understanding of our cause or have no other alternative than to rely on the Zionist propaganda and their biased news.

We as Arabs are fully aware of our case and the fight for our cause.  However, it is unfortunate that the rest of the world is constantly bombarded with news that is continuously persuaded by Zionistic propaganda.  As a result, the truth is buried from the public.  We believe getting the true message out to the rest of the world will better help the Palestinian cause because it is simple in itself when one can visualize the truth at ground zero and simultaneously comprehend it via the English language.

Here are our signatures in the hope to get our demands, but rather our requests and wishes, which we have great hope of establishing this immense link between us and the outside world to see our point of view and to fight the media terrorism before it’s too late.  It is unfortunate that there is a so called “outside world”.  However, integrating these worlds can only create a realm of true understanding met by all on one level.  The realm in itself can destroy injustice because truth can no longer be concealed. 

We believe that media is the strongest weapon because it has indeed bestowed great horror on the Palestinian people due to the access of media that Zionists have continuously exercised to the point of obscuring injustice and killing innocent people.

We show gratitude to you for taking the time and deliberation to observe that we are calling for your application in anticipating action and providing the truth for all eyes to see.  This in itself only revitalizes hope and defines justice as it should be; fairness; righteousness; and impartiality.