Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Toshiba Libretto W100: Ultra mobile Ultra Geeky

This is one of the niciest gadgets I have seen during the past few years.

I think it will create a good hit. It might be too late to invest in Toshiba stock now as the strong form efficient market should have expected the increasing sales and the boosted price. There is stilll room for price improvement because Toshiba's innovations hit the market gradually. Hence, if you are a risk averse investor who accepts a low return, wait until mid July to ride the wave. If you are looking for low two-digits return, rush with the late early birds.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Emergency Treatment of Barb Farrell, patient dying in Barrie of CCSVI related MS

This was a letter sent to the health minister regarding the case of a lady struggling with her MS.

Dear Honorable Matthews,

Today I was horribly touched to read this story about Bard Farell. She is was so unfortunate that the medical system is punishing her in Canada, the land of justice and human rights, for something she has nothing to do with.

First of all, I feel so sorry for her because she is one of the 75000 MS patients in Canada who are suffering because of the “Diagnose and Adios” status quo. Second, she is fighting for her life right now. At this time she lies in a bed with no hope of being treated because Multiple Sclerosis , the unknown immune disease, has no acceptable treatment yet except the pills that have not helped any patient for the past few decades.

In the hospital, the most they were able to do for her is to feed her with a tube and wait for her destiny. She was planned for the chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) liberation. However, her procedure was cancelled because this treatment is still a controversy. More than 1000 patients were able to benefit of this liberation so far that does nothing but clean some blocked veins in the neck of the patient.

I took the initiative to write to you and I have never met her or spoke to her. I am in Montreal at the other end of the country but I have a wife suffering as well and I know how hard is for the man to see his life partner suffering and counting down her remaining days. I pray that no other human being suffer from this unknown sickness. I lost a friend because of MS in Lebanon and now I am struggling with my wife and my two babies in Canada as well.

You can not imagine the situation of the MSer and people around them. The liberation procedure will offer her some hope of recovery is an angioplasty of the veins in the neck and spine, and is performed by interventional radiologists as an exceedingly safe procedure. Dr. MacDonald presented to a parliamentary sub-committee recently along with 2 of his patients who were treated for CCSVI before he was ordered to stop; those patients are getting better. You can see the videos. It might be placebo. However, this “placebo” (if ever) has been working very well for more than 1000 patients.

Today, by a simple decision, you can help save this woman’s life.
Tomorrow, by a simple decision, you can start a process to save the lives of 75000 patients across Canada.

Liberating blocked veins by a balloon does not add risk to the lives of MS patients. If they have blocked veins, they have all the rights in the world to be treated.

The medical systems are very complicated and very slow. We just ask for justice and for equal rights.

May you please read the article above and let your mind judge her situation. We, the people suffering from MS, are not asking for much. We are just asking you, the honorable, to exercise your good, compassionate judgment and give this woman and her suffering family a chance to smile again. Yes just a smile. For people with MS in the family, a smile can be very very expensive.

May you please accept our sincere regards and grant Bard your approval for something that will alleviate her pain and boost her hopes for a better future.

Best regards