Thursday, October 27, 2005

Disruptive Technologies: Email

Internet seems to be the most disruptive technology ever-seen in the world. However, email and other online transactions (email clone) disrupted our lives much more. In the simplest picture, the internet linked our computers. However, email was the first pal-medium to create a momentum for humanity.

Armestrong's step was really giant, however, it could not change anything in our habbits so far. Emails changed the lives of billions on this earth and became a mandatory routine every morning and evening for serious professionals. Worse, it became an hourly or minutly routine for novice computer users who eat and breath in the cyber space.

Gmail came lately to change even the whole scenario. It is changing the email game. With its invitation tactics at the begining, it provided google with a huge free database of personal links from gurus who strive to protect privacy online. Google wizards can draw a huge tree of friends all over the world.

They know who are my friends and with the adsense technology, they know what we have in common. By fetching some words from our emails, they know where we like to go and how do we spent our leisure time and whether we are exchanging men's secrets in the workplace or not.
Indeed, they got to know a lot and security agencies might envy them for their ability to urge people to disclose personal information and allow Google-services to absorb every single details of our da-to-day life. Furthermore, they succeeded to make us compete to run and join the Blog, Gmail, Adsense, Smart Search... areana.

On the 34th anniversary of email, I would like to congratulate the Googlers for their successful product and congratulate the information generation that we have more services than what we dream of.

A brighter vision for the .Mind World

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