Monday, October 17, 2005

Helping the Quake victims

A real shock. It was hard to see all these people loosing their dwellings and looking for help. Millions of homeless looking with red eyes towards the international community to help them and send them some food because most of their govermental budget is wasted into arrogant projects.

A few youngpeson from Concordia University and McGill called for an urgent meeting to setup some releif efforts. With the help of God, they collected about $15,000 in two days.

They are still willing to work and help. However, I feel sad for that large population that live under misery line while it has a good GDP and their yearly income is decent. Though, most of the money is spent where it is not profitable.

Hopefully, these goverment would learn with time that the confort of their own population is the best investment in the defense system. Otherwise, they would face what Saddam Hussein of Iraq is facing and what Bashar el Assad might face soon (Unless he got a dirty deal with dirty George).

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