Thursday, December 08, 2005

Life sharing

It is not easy for anyone to appreciate the value of life sharing. One needs someone else in life to support and share hardship with. People try to hide the need for someone else to build the future with. However, every man will have quite a few chances to understand the importance of his wife in his life and vice verca. Ladies will have equal chances to value the presence of a man close by.

I am facing huge problems and surviving. I would like to ackowledge the support of a great angel next to me who is giving all her best for me to enjoy whatever we have left in this life.

For the one I appreciate, I want to say: Thank you
Her Blog is at: Petit Poussin


Bilal Abdul Kader said...

I wonder why I enjoy sharing my life. I think this has two main reason:

>>> The understanding of our mutual responsabilities and duties set out by our great islamic system.
>>> The best relation linking us and the striving for a brighter future.

Anonymous said...

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