Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another Massacre in Qana

The gospel reported that Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) passed in Qana and attended a wedding. The married couple were too poor to present wine. He passed his hand over the water barrels and, by the will of God (The merciful), they got few barrels of wine.

Regardless of the authenticity of the story, Qana witnessed the passage of Christ once in history but it has seen two horrible massacres in 10 years only. Back in 1996, the israeli terrorist attack on the UN shelter killed 120 innocent victimes (mostly children, women, and elderly men) and just today (Jul. 30th, 2006) another terrorist attack on a shelter with more than 60 innocent victims.

From Israel to Lebanon

Who is responsible?

Is it the whole world who has giving Israel a green light in Rome this week?
Is it US that supplied Israel with Intelligent bombs this week?
Is it UK that helped to pass the intelligent weapons to Israel in order to attack under the group?
Is it the Arab World that is watching silently?
Is it the CIVILIZED world that thinks everything needs time to settle down and calm?
Is it Hizbollah that is responsding to Israel attacks while nobody dares to resist Israel's will?
Is it the Lebanese goverment who can not decide who is the friend and who is the ennemy?

Until we found someone to accuse, the Arab World will be waiting for the Civilized World to measure the response and declare whether Israel went beyond legitimite measured self-deffence or not yet.

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