Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Clash in Lebanon (Nahr el Bared)

Suddenly another Qa3ida branch popped up in Lebanon with no previous signs. Fatah al Islam jumped on the political scene and put forward an aggressive plan to neutralize the Palestinian camp in Naher el Bared and declare an "Islamic" state with no known Islamic jurisprudence.

The fight started with a claimed theft from a bank branch that is owned by the Lebanese ex-prime minister "Rafik el Hariri" that was assassinated 2 years ago by an unknown agent or foreign governments. The majority of Lebanese accused Syrians of this disaster influenced by the new USA agenda in the region that aims at democratizing Syria as they have done successfully in Iraq.

There are several stories for the clash in Northern Lebanon. However, what is clear now is that 75 people were killed half of them were soldiers in the army and were killed ferociously by members of Fatah el Islam. 25 from Fatah el Islam. The government claims that its army killed only one civilian while this video clip (Civilians killed in the clash in Lebanon) proves otherwise. Tens of civilians were killed and hundreds were injured.

Another article has a very special story and I would like to invite you all to check the article. It might be true or not but it has a very special point of view that deserves being explored.

Finally, please spead the word and call for the saving of civilians who are double victims from both sides and they have no asylum to seek.

Please call every human rights organization to save those civilians from the fire of Fatah el Islam, Lebanese Army and the hidden agents of Lebanese movements that are shooting at them while escaping.

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