Monday, June 25, 2007

WiMax in Montreal. Felicitations

Finally Montreal is going to have its own wide wireless network that should cover the whole island by 2009. In 2 years, we would get rid of the many cables still wondering around the rooms and the bundle of devices attached to our wall outlets.

A WiMax would simple provide extreme mobility at the same speed Videotron or Bell Sympatico are providing.

Would this have any effect on the way e-business is being run in Montreal? It should and this should be implemented and supported as soon as possible because the Entrepreneurship spirits in Montreal are dying down. One of the many reasons for this weakening is the high cost of communications in Quebec in General because of low competition.

On the other hand, Telus is willing to bite BCE in order to shake the lucrative wireless markets in Canada and rip all the synergies of the latest baby Bell operating on its own in North America.

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