Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Canada and Quebec Days

Coming from the middle east, I can understand the separation syndromes that people would have when they think that their national directions can not go with the path of the confederacy. Arabs themselves had a lot of national splits and units.

However, the issue in Canada is different because there is not much linkage between the diverse groups that constitutes each province and the country in general. Though, Quebecers are still praising the idea of having a "souverain" country for themselves.
Immagive that the closest neighbour of US having their own territory with all the tension between the Quebecers and their South neighbours. I do not think G.W. Bush is going to spare any chance to invade the new territory to promote his own Texan Democracy. I bet that Condy would love to come and take over the rules in Quebec as well.

On Canada day, I would love to praise the Quebec love for freedom and liberty. However, I think that what Canada and Quebec needs more is to look down the road to get rid of the debt being accumulated and establish a solid relations for a win win situations for both of them. Quebec might be able to survive out of Canada but it would be hard to sustain the same level of luxury.

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