Sunday, November 11, 2007

What is GOD?

A good friend of mine from the old days wrote:
How many times have you really though of "What is God" by yourself?

Maybe you tried many times but you were afraid then you remembered what others tell you about God.

Let me ask you, do YOU know God by yourself? Or you know God through what others told you? Be that your holy books, teachers or schools?

You have to make sure that you can only know about something when you experience it, not when you read or were told about it.

For some, God is the almighty creator, who loves us all and takes care of us, answering all our prayers.

For others, God is not one, but a group of intelligent beings (you can name them aliens) that created us through biological engineering and through crafting our DNAs delicately.

As long as we follow what others say about God, we will always have confusion, fear and instability and doubt in our mind.

So, what is God?
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I answered him back:

God is the one who created us and all this universe. It might sound weird and very classical. Right?

Few years ago during AUB days, when I was walking on the corniche, I saw some sand particles jumping against the gravity force. I felt that there is something behind this dance but I said (like Joubran Khalil Joubran said), there might be a power behind this and let me go because my soul does not have time for this now.

I continued my walk and came back. I notice that the sand particles that were dancing together in one string, have separated into two strings like what happend in Lebanese dabkeh when Women came forward in a sub-chain and Men goes backward in another sub-chain. One string has all the silicon particles and the other string has all the dust and soil.

Last year, when I came back to Lebanon after the way, I found out that these particles disappeared. Not only that. All the sands disappeared because Solidere has stolen it to build some buildings :).

On the other side of the corniche, the other free particles that escaped solidere swallowing of the sand, were building a new factory to build !!!!

They were building a new semi-conductor facility. Yes I am not joking, the dust in the particles was building the walls and the silicon jumped in to build the most advanced ship you can even think of.

What do you think?

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