Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Why Gideas web development is unique?

A website is not a program and some content only. It is the first impression clients have with the company and might be their last sometimes.

This is why Gideas selected a special business model for its web artwork. Gideas delivers a solution rather than just a product or a service.

It is a mix of:
  1. an aesthetic touch,
  2. professional programming,
  3. innovative development
  4. and reliable support.
Here is a snapshot of the development cycle from our modest point of view:
  • We, first, design and set the perception dimension until the client is satisfied.
  • Then we select the best programming technique and database to serve the needs of the client organization. Sometimes we develop scripts from scratch, sometimes we use the right available packages as long as it meets the need of our client.
  • Third, we try our best to match the design with the underlying tools in order to streamline the process and prepare it for the future. It should be: extensible, upgradeable, scalable and customizable.
  • Fourth, we are proud to stick to our schedules and deadlines.
  • Fifth, we deliver what would delight the client.
  • Sixth, we do never let the client on their own. We always opt for a long term relationship. Our support service surpassed high service benchmark in this country which is known for customer centric standards. We have never got a disappointed client
  • Finally, we strive to keep the best impression possible and continuously improve :)
Wondering whether you should build a new web experience or re-create the current tired site, do not hesitate to contact us and you would not regret it!

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