Friday, April 18, 2008

Niagara Falls: A trip at the end of Winter

Preparing for the trip :)

The Mosque of St. Catherine. One of the greatest in Canada
Arriving to Niagara ! Jana did not like the warmth of the South. She is Nordic u know.
The bridge linking Canada to US
The water preparing to jump...
American Falls. Once can notice the huge blocks of Ice even the water is falling very fast and heavily!!! Truly, God is the greatest.

We can see the large blocks of ice in the middle of the water. The water is barely moving because of the freezed surface.
Glory is to the creator of such miracles.
Ice and snow resist the friction of falling water. What temperature made this block of ice?
Jana wanted to have her pic there even the temperature was around zero :)
Water Jumping off the edge. A power granted by the most powerful

Water in the lake just before the falls

Water Falling. Look at this beauty and strength.

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Sci Eye said...

Hey Nice pics...
Seems you are having good times...
Hope we meet again someday...
Best wishes Bilal