Sunday, November 16, 2008

A proposal to start an Alternative Investment Club at Concordia University

Of all the clubs and associations currently active under Concordia University, Students Union or Departmental associations, Alternative investments club will be the first to communicate the ideology of alternative models of Finance and Economics and to bring concrete sustainable directions into the field of finance and investments. . Organizations Associations that are dealing with the concepts of Commerce and economics , are taking a very conventional and narrow conservative minded approach to present its activities to the Concordia community. i.e. some are targeting business students only while others are targeting economics students only. . We intend to have a much more universal approach and reach out to all departments in order to offer all undergraduate students an option to learn more about conventional and alternative investments opportunities and how to make the best of both worlds. communicate with several faculties. We believe that the current job market is such that being a well rounded candidate is essential. Bearing that in mind, the diversity of the participants will ensure that peripheral learning takes place along with direct absorption of knowledge.

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