Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama.... Congratulations

Finally a non-white came to prove to the Whites in their empire that a human being should not be judged by his color. Rather, a human being can lead with his words, charisma, mentality, appeal and aims.

An African is going to lead America for the coming 4 years. He would not be the Barack Hussein Obama that people thought of. He declared that he is not a muslim anymore and was ready to kick his aunt out of the opportunities land for the sake of the chair. Do not overhope. Do not over attend.

Obama will be better than the new-cons but would not change a lot of foreign policies as we can see from his talk with Israelis. I think he would try his best to prove that he is not biased and maybe Blacks (Sorry for the term) would suffer further during his term because he can not align with them.

Let us wait and see.

However, I would like to congratulate this young president for his dedication and persistance to climb the whole ladded in less than 30 years. Amazing huh.

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