Monday, December 22, 2008

A fresh start

It is not easy to claim that Phd can be made easy. It is a long term quest that needs at least 5-6 years investment.

I spent three years so far in my Phd program at John Molson School of Business and I am looking foward toward finishing in two years maximum in order to catch with the market that might collapse or might run up again. Either way, staying for a long term in here is not the best option for any student because of the high opportunity cost associated with longer term studies.

Anyway, I might go back to ponder upon the social aspects of Phd studies later on. However, for the time begin, I would like to dedicate this blog for my research experience. I do not have a long experience so far as I just strated serious research work last term only. However, I would like to present my observations in here in case someone is looking at organizing his own work in a better way.

I do not claim that I am talking about my own knowledge. Rather, I will be talking about what I am learning from my supervisors:
  1. Dr. Lawrence Kryzanowski
  2. Dr. Chitu Okoli
Dr Kryzanowski is my supervisor for my dissertation in Finance, while I am working with Dr. Okoli on a side research about Wikipedia because I have a keen interest in the wiki model from an MIS point of view.

On this blog, I would note my research observations from time to time and add everything I am learning as time allows in order to keep a reference for someone who came fresh to the Phd program as I did three years ago.

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