Friday, October 23, 2009

New CIBC Unlimited Business Operating Account

The adverstisement for this account made it very interesting. However, once you decide to contact the bank, there is another story.

The main call center which number is announced on the ad will respond to you quickly. However, once you ask them about this account, they will say. Ohhh what? then Ohh no you have to contact the business division of the branch directly.
Ask them for the number??? then she will be: Oh I lost it. Wait. Then you have to wait for two other minutes until she can fetch up the number for the biggest branch in Montreal. Of course she is in a hurry so she would not even ask if you need anything else and close the phone.

Call the branch, they would not give you any information on the phone as if you are asking them about the bank secrets. So unless you want to book an appointment and go wait for someone to meet you at the branch, you can not get any single bit of information.

It might be time for some Canadian banks to open up and learn how to do business for the century.

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