Sunday, May 01, 2011

A real human disaster in Daraa right now

I have been visiting Daraa (my home town) recently as I used to do before.
I was in one of the demonstrations that tens of people were killed by the security agencies and their snipers. I saw criminals in official military uniforms not real pol...icemen as it should be.
I went there yesterday taking with me: bread, water, and candles. Unfortunately, I passed through 5 roadblocks, soldiers on the 6th took half of the bread and water and all candles. Even though, I didn't reach Daraa as I planned before, because some locals advised me not to do so since it was very dangerous and there has been a lot of random shootings. 20km was the nearest point to the city that anyone ever can reach.
So, I had to throw away most of the bread and water I started with.

The whole city was isolated from the outside world because authorities have already cut all electircity, cell phones, land phone lines, and internet since Sunday 24-April.
Not only that, but authorities also stopped all the supplies of food, wheat, medicine, and water; not only in Daraa city but in all the province, even villages and towns just outside Damascus on the Damascus-Daraa highway.
They also went to the point of shooting at the water containers on the tops of buildings (where people save their needs of water). Can you imagine a family of 4 or 5 people including children and infants without drinking water for several days?

I was told by some locals that security agencies forcefully opened and stole the stores and pharmacies in Daraa.
but, I had no confirmation from a different source about those specific operations. because no one can communicate with the city at all.

There is a real human disaster in Daraa right now, and I have only pointed out some major facts. The situation on the ground is tragic. Lives are being lost by the minute and the situation is very urgent and much worse than what the international media is telling.

Daraa's people need an urgent action by the international community; Any help from you to deliver the word and the facts there is greatly appreciated.

Dr. B.  (Montreal)

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