Thursday, October 06, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: A New American Dream ?

I have been actively following all the arab revolutions for the past 9 months. The revolutionary wind blowing across the middle East was so strong that it was able to destroy the pyramids of Moubarak and the Palace of Ben Ali and the tent of Ghaddafi.

Wind is still blowing out in Syria and Yemen. It will not be too long before we see Assad of Syria fleeing out to Iran and seeing Saleh of Yaman carried away to Saudi Arabia.

However, the new wave in North America might be much much stronger and might change everything across the world. Occying Wall Street is not like demonstrating on the street of Homs city in Syria. On the other hand, this means, the revolution is touching the global financial hard core. This means that the $$$ position is being challenged.

This means that we are at the verge of a new third world war or we are lucky the see a new world emerging. This time, it is not the globalization of the internet. It is the globalization of poverty power. The poor are raising their heads to see the horrible future facing their children. The poor are looking around them to see behemoth 1% riches eating 95% of the world economy while the the remaming 99% of the 7billions soul on earth having less than 5% of the globe resources.

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