Monday, January 09, 2012

"Price of Sex" by Chakarova: A slam on the face of humanity in the 21st century

First, I have noticed the title on my twitter time line as the movie will be screened by the Us Embassy in Ottawa. First of all, I want to disregard this line because I thought it is just some scam.

After giving it a second thought, I was wondering why the US embassy will be screening such a movie?
Then I have decided to see its trailer and read about this documentary.

In simple words, it is a shame on humanity that human trafficking is six times larger than the slavery trafficking across the Atlantic in the dark ages.

Following their stories from their virgin home to their prostitution residency was awful. People are so dump and have very tough hearts. Why? All for the money. This is the dirtiest money that can be ever collected. The woman is always the weaker link. They wanted her to abuse her further. This industry is huge and much larger than everything you can think of.

The Price of Sex is a rare glimpse into the lives of sex-trade workers and human-trafficking from Europe to the Middle-East. The film unmasks the dangers and corruption involved in the sex-trade industry, as well as the fear, shame and anguish felt by millions women who are forced to sell their bodies for sex.

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