Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The individualism impact on our global culture

Since the emergence of humanity on the Earth, the family has been the primary social unit. It has been also the principal economic unit. Humanity as a collective of families evolved to be the dominant species on Earth according to Darwin (1871) and Megarry (1995).

Humans, in families, advance and progress better. They foster advantages and realize synergies that would not be realized otherwise. Survival, performance, security, development, education, civilization in addition to other humane progressive characteristics were fostered and nurtured due to the social bounds between family members and close ties within the societies.Until now, family businesses manage 3/4 of the human productions globally (Goody, 1996).

There is a price tag for this family synergy. Group friction affects the members of the same families in various forms demonstrated by business conflicts, divorce, parental issues, youth issues. Such issues hinder the survival and growth of humans on earth.

Families ties and kinship are divine trust to the human according the main religions of the world Islam, Judaism and Christianity. They might be also mandated by other religions of the world but I am not aware of.

Family kinship is a moral order and a divine order to share value and offer compassion for others within the same family and extend that goodness to the larger national or universal families.

Lately, the western culture is advocating for the individual as a social unit of humanity. What are the impact of such a paradigm shift in the humane relations? What is the impact of the way we run our lives?

On the one hand, the individualism is the basis of the amoral economic logic of modern money market (Steward, 2003). The individualism is the basis of capitalism as well. The individualism lead us to live an introvert live in which a neighbor does not know whether her next door old friend is sleeping hunrgy or has got a simple meal.

We are living in an age in which we close our doors and forget about the rest of the world around us. we die alone. Our nieghbours leave this world alone. We continue our lives as if nothing happened !!!

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