Saturday, October 22, 2005

Concordia Students: A Quake Walk for the victims

It was another cold day in Montreal on Friday the 21st of October. Tens of students (Pakistanis, Indians, Lebanese, Chinese, Canadians...) met in front of the Hall Building - SGW Campus in downtown and decided to walk despite the cold wind. More than two hours on St. Catherine street collected around $1635 that would go to Pakistan as soon as possible throughout Oxfam-Quebec and another organization.

The organizing team expected more money but the end results delighted their day. They felt that they contributed something for the victims that are struggling to survive in the much worse weather in Pakistan and Kashmir. It was very cold in Montreal that afternoon but they knew that the temperature over there in South Asia would be much colder at the moment and they had everything to protect their young bodies. However, the victims were in dire need for anything to cover their weak freezing bodies.

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