Saturday, October 22, 2005

Policy Leaders program

I got this email as well as other students. However, I did not see much interest for this important call amongst the Business students.
Is it the problem of the business school that is not building a new mindset or it is the problem of students who are not struggling to differntiate themselves?

As for me, I see that the problem lies in both and students should cooperate with the administration of the Business School to build a better future for JMSB potential graduates.

The Government of Canada is welcoming applications for the 2006 Recruitment of Policy Leaders program. The program will provide approximately 40 exceptional graduate students an opportunity to enter the federal public service of Canada as middle-to-senior level policy analysis.

Successful participants will have exceptional leadership abilities, demonstrated through academic, work and volunteer experience, which will enable them to take on significant responsibilities in shaping Canadian public policy.

We would appreciate if you would forward the following information specifically to the outstanding graduate students at your institution who, in your opinion have the following qualifications:

- Applicants must have, or be completing a master's or doctoral degree. Candidates must have completed their degree within a specified time frame;

- Candidates must have a strong record of academic achievement, including graduate scholarships and distinctions, such as, but not limited to, the Trudeau, Fulbright, Rhodes, and SSHRC or NSERC awards;

- Applicants must have acquired policy-related experience through academic studies, participation in student government, work and/or volunteer experience, public service, non-governmental organizations or extracurricular activities;

- Successful candidates will have demonstrated leadership and initiative through significant achievements in activities outside their field of study.

We encourage interested graduate students from all disciplines, who have the aptitude and abilities to tackle Canada's public policy challenges, to submit an on-line application for the Recruitment of Policy Leaders Program at between October 6 and October 27, 2005.

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