Sunday, July 09, 2006

I love mom, my sister, my spouse, or my niece?

Over the years, several women pass through the heart of men.

A special love will be always there for Mom. This name knocks my memory and pushes me back in history to remember all the nice sweet things she has done for me and taught me.

Sisters will be always precious jewels that add to the Mom's tender and always need our [men] tender. Love for them is amazing and grant me a lot of endurance and perseverance to compete with them and let them proud same time.

A wife comes later on in the life to get the largest share of interest and an equitable part of the heart. She will have a special cavity deep in the heart and gives all her heart for a man who comes suddenly to knock her door and tell her that he prefers her smile and see all his future in her eyes.

I got my share of all of them in this life. Thanks God. Each one of them came into my heart gently and occupied it perpetually. The knew me more than I do know myself myself. It is weird but I appreciate every single comment they have granted me.

Mom, Oumayma, Amal, Ghina...
Aya, Rim .. and waiting for more to come

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