Sunday, July 09, 2006

Two years next to her - Passion or Mawaddah

She is my extremely precious jewel of the soft half of the world. Though she came officially in my life two years ago only but I feel that our souls has met already in the upper world when God granted us the extreme bounty of to-being what we are now.

I would not talk more so that I do not loose the sweetness with the outgoing words.

A long novel. A short story. More importantly, sweet moments engraved in our heart (single heart). We enjoyed the surprises of the past year, the stress of the uncontrolled events. However, she was always there for me and I was always waiting for her.
Passion was not our concern. On the other hand, we were striving to establish "Mawaddah" (the extreme familial love) within our small golden cage.

To the one I love, I would like to say that this year we will enjoy our ceremony with the ones that you dreamed to be with. They are waiting for us and a mother is crying days and nights to receive a new small family to add to her greatest wealth of the loved ones. Three great offspring families and more to come on the way.

Ghina, in this ceremony, I would like to tell you about this great lady. Mom, please let me talk. Let me show our new family member who is this Mom that has built with her husband this family.

  • Mom 45 years has passed but you acquired the beauty that young girls do not know.
  • Mom. You have sacrificed everything for us. It is time now for us to return a bit of that. I will never be able to bear the sufferance that you had during your delivery of the first boy.
  • You are still the best mother I have ever seen in the lower and upper hemisphere of this world.
  • You taught me to treat everybody to my best and now I am trying my best. I want all Moms to be like you. Ghina is on the way. She will have the best of two worlds. However your touch will be the best for her to learn.

Few days, God willing, the family will be larger.
Another happiness would flourish under your eyes.
Please pray for me.
Pray for us to be able to acquire something you can be proud of.

Back to the story,
I would like to remind myself that a human heart is wide enough to host all the LOVE one needs. It is all a matter of managing the space to fit the beloved ones around.

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