Monday, January 08, 2007

Finally some serious hope for HIV positive patients

Gatineau vaccine maker lands $35.7-million cash injection
This is a brand new approach to build vaccine and hopefully it would yield better results than previous approaches.

Variation Biotechnologies has landed $35.7 million U.S. in the biggest
financing for a new company in the region in more than 18 months.

Over the next three years, the company will use the money from U.S. venture
capital firms to complete development of new vaccines for the treatment of
influenza and HIV.

It seems that the family got the IT talent at the father and son level without being in IT even. I met Francisco (the son) a while ago and he got a brilliant new idea for the internet world. I expect that Francisco would delve into the world of young entrepreneurs very soon and maybe reap some millions. From time to time, I meet entrepreneurs in Concordia -JMSB to help them with their startups and rarely did I see such match in a family.

Back to the vaccine issue, the company is planning to launch

A cocktail of Variosite vaccine designed to treat viruses as they change
with human exposure and escape detection by the immune system.
The company believes the vaccines will eventually treat a wide variety of
viruses including HIV, hepatitis C, influenza and SARS.

Finally, I wish Dr. Diaz all the best in the business jungle.

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