Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Little Mosque on the Prairie

I have not watched the film yet but I feel that this buzz would not come for free. I like and respect the courage of the producer to tackle such issues. However, I am still afraid that the film would have a lot of hidden messages.

new sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie, about a fictional Muslim family living in rural Saskatchewan. But instead of hoisting pitchforks, rolling down hills and selling eggs at Oleson's General store like Michael Landon's Ingalls family, this transplanted clan will be trying to interact with the denizens of a little Prairie town in a post Sept. 11 world.

Muslims in Canada (or the west in general) needs to show themselves and expose their backyards to show that they are really like any other human in the upper hemisphere. However, Muslims do not have to over-punish themselves and try to assimilate any difference they might have in order to attrack the praise of the Southern Neighbour. Whatever you do, you would always receive some negative comments. A film would help to clarify some ideas and clear some thoughts. However, what is needed is to really approach the OTHER in this society and build a trust relationship.

One comment from G&M article:

Lorraine M from Canada writes: I am looking forward to seeing this show.
Right now, Muslim and terrorist are synonymous in many people's minds. I think
the show will allow people to see that not all Muslims are extremists - any more
than all Christians are the extremist religious right.

or this one

Phil Morris from Canada writes: As Mark Steyn put it, "Muslim"
is the new "Gay." In other words, only uptight squares fret bout Islam.

At the end of the day, I would not like to comment on all the negative comments that I have seen on the internet but I would like to thank every logical writer and I am proud of the Canadian society that is so open and franc to appraise what is good and to refuse what is bad even it was home-made.

The series would be fun and as Jeff Keay, a CBC spokesman, said:

The producers recognize that this is a potentially sensitive topic. But the show is a comedy. We hope people will laugh"


Anonymous said...

What a wast of Canadian Taxpayers money using the CBC as a conduit for such trash.......


Mostafa rami said...

I agree that Muslims in non Muslim societies should be more open to express their life style and more eager to share their Islamic knowledge, there is no call for "the closed doors policy" anymore (unless you live in Bosnia or other countries where you'll get killed for being a Muslim).
among the things I think they HAVE to share are: Food Cures (also known as islamic medecine), the right way to deal with animals, the meaning of life (and death for that matter)..etc.
there is also a great article about dealing with stress and anxiety on this web site.

@blogger: feel free to move this comment if you think it's irrelevant to the article.

Bilal Abdul Kader said...

Yo Bro. This is classic :)

I would like to thank you for this valuable contribution. Yes Muslims in this part of the world have a mandate to openly call for Islam and show people how we live, how we can have fun, how we treat our families in order to wash the dirty prejudices in the media.

I would like to know if you have written anything about the way to deal with animals in Islam. I have read a lot on the net but I would like to know about personal experiences. Just for the knowledge.

Looking forward toward reading your blog.

Love you in Allah bro Mostafa.

Mostafa rami said...

thank you for your warm welcome dear Bilal, and cheers for such a nice blog.

Good point about the media prejudice, and what they are inflicting on the general opinions. the good news is that Muslims have absolutely nothing to hide, there is nothing in Islam that muslims can't be proud of. people of other faiths are getting amazed by the quraan and often just have simple questions.
that's why Ignorance and apathy became luxuries Muslims can't afford anymore.

@regarding your question, I'm sure there is a lot of good articles out there treating that very subject. as for me I don't actualy maintain a blog of my own.
but thank you very much for your interest my brother, I really appreciate it.

May Allah love you, he for whom we love.