Sunday, March 25, 2007

Big Brother by chance

I wanted to help someone and be a big brother for a while but all the smart matching were in vain because when parents try to find someone to help their son, they have already tried and could not succeed to bring him back to the correct path that they want for him.

I tried with few guys in Montreal and I could convince them to forget about the sadness they perceive in their life and look at the other side of the story. They started dreaming of their future with a rosy eye. However, I failed (I admit) with other guys. This does not mean I would not continue.

I did not wrote this note for these guys. I wanted to note, here, that the best small brother you can get is the one that you just find by a chance or a divine consideration and then you become friend with him. This is the true big brother experience.

This happened to me more than once. I really feel they are my younger brothers and I get sad for their sadness and happy for their happiness. I put as much efforts for their success and I do for mine or for my real younger brother.

At least now I can see something good of me coming to Canada after all :)

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