Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Concordia Graduate Students Association (GSA) Elections

If one follows the trends in students' life, she/he would be amazed to see the extreme shocks in the dynamics of one-to-one relations.

Now, people are fighting and sacrificing extremely expensive time to support their slates at the undergraduate levels. I admired this spirit since I was in my late teens at my undergraduate college in Lebanon. I joined Concordia as a graduate students and I missed all the beauties of this life.

I tried to delve into the electoral activities at the graduate level but it was a total disappointment because mature students are trying to imitate the mistakes of young teens instead of bringing some of their experience to the table.

For the first year, I really enjoyed working with a Leftist group who brought the GSA above the sea level and people start to think about this association and its services.

Some students vote for their ideology, political stand, race, color, language or religion only without thinking about competencies of candidates. As a result, the most incompetent team arrived and got over the council. They start fighting within each other directly. The president accuses the VP finance and the VP advocacy accuses the president. VP external accuses everybody and the council members selected one adored VP and accused everyone else.

This is another aspect of civilization clash in a civilized world without civilized manners.

The executives were soon accused of corruption and illegal usage of money and were requested to leave or cooperate. None of this work because of not enough evidence and because both teams are to be blamed and both are of course playing on one side to get rid of something on the other side.

The council members formed a weird collection of some leftists, right wing, arrivists, and left-jumping-to-the-right guys. The mix has some dynamics but their chemistry could not mix with the chemistry of the executive members at all.

I can not blame any of the two parties for their attitude against each other but I surely blame them not to call for an early election to re-start from the beginning instead of fighting each other and get kicked out from the office because the dean of students does not want to babysit them.

What is even worse, the same people who got drifted out last year would like to come back to GSA to abuse the resources again!!!
In here, I do not mean one side only because people from both sides are running again and both of them had the chance to abuse and (have done it maybe) but both of them could not prove their competence to fix such a position.

Whom you are going vote for?
Of course, you vote for United :)

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