Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another day passed

Long hours and long days but finally the joy comes from the fact that people appreciate the good actions and judge correctly the bad ones.

The elections is going and three teams are doing their best to gather the maximum support. One team, however, is not accepting the fact that we are in Canada now. There is a huge cultural gap between what things should be and how things are done.

Some of the best examples on this, are the comments I am getting on this blog from one of the candidates and an ex-executive. Another executive was reported to the police also for his misbehavior and the violation of human rights and the distribution of hate speech.

After all, this is an election and will go like other elections. I have been through several ones and I still have positive feelings for our campaign. We are running by the rules and trying to win the trust of people before their votes. We could play a dirty game also and still win votes. However, this defeat the purpose the students activities are there for.

Tomorrow is the last day and counting would start after 8:00 pm. Let us see where the people trust is. Basically, if we win we will continue our life as regular. Otherwise, we would congratulate the winner and go back to our struggle for a better political environment in Concordia.

Another disaster might happen :) and the council might be filled with empty chairs that is used from time to time by some people getting cheques and accusing others of selfishness and cheap objectives.

Winning for us is a mandate that we are liable and accountable for. Winning was a game for others and sometimes an opportunity to insult the ones who supported them and basically showed them the way.

However, people are of two metallic bases. While fire create value out of noble metals, the value of low metals got deteriorated with the first test.

Let us wait till tomorrow and Good luck for United

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