Thursday, April 19, 2007

GSA Elections gone

It is over now and waiting for results.
Meanwhile, I have to finish my final due today

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Bilal Abdul Kader said...

My team lost the elections partially and only one VP has been elected.

Not a big deal. The message arrived to whom it should concern.

Now back to regular life that is full of exams, work, and strive for achievements.

Even though the new team is really inexperienced, I do think they would be worse than previous years. At least now there are two strong VPs who would strive to bring things on the right track.

Congratulations for the winning team. They won the votes using any mean and some of them admitted they used illegal means.

Let us see if we will pursue legal cases in and out of the university or forget about it. This needs another round of discussions and meetings and I do not have the time now.