Monday, April 16, 2007

First day of GSA Elections

It starts finally :)

Though we are trying our best to keep a fair game, one of the competing team is about to explode to win right away.

The problem is not related to the project or the ideology of each team, on the other hand, the problem is rooted in the racial mentality of some people who are distributing hate emails around Concordia to ask people to vote for them and not for others.

It seems that they lost the campaign effect and the project synergy and now trying their last resource to raise hate speech and play on the racial profiling line. This was reported to all authorities hoping for a logical intervention. I do not think the dean of students would like to intervene because his best wish is to see a (Yes Sirrr) team there.

As for United team, we are enjoying our campaign and having a lot of fun meeting new people we would not meet them otherwise.

Some of the observations that strike the voters:
* Violation of several by-laws
* Creation of a hate environment instead of making the elections a democratic exercise
* Closing gaps between some respectful parties and widening the trouble hole with other hard minded teenagers.

All in all, I feel that all these games reflect a sign of chock and loss with one of the team and I am sure this uncontrollable reaction is due to their lost nerves.

GOOD LUCK for United

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