Thursday, April 12, 2007

More on GSA elections

Going on the public stage requires a lot of patience and openness because people would be bombarding their points of view and their hopes. The problem in Concordia is that several small teams are running for something they think they can realize and others are running to fix something they think could be fixed.

So far, a lot of teams are competing on the votes of a small community that has a lot of more important tissues on their minds.

We are trying as United to improve, contribute and Innovate. Others would do also and everyone has the right to run for whatever position they like. However, they are not respecting the minds of the people they addressing and they are running with no declared plan. Proven experience with several teams prove that the worse is to be expected.

A funny issue happened lately. One candidate joined one team as a director. Suddenly it turned out that he is willing to be a president and was, maybe, having a look on others agenda to prepare his own. It seems people can not put some time to organize their ideas these days.

Another funnier issue happened also. A friend of mine was looking for an executive position and chasing for several groups. At the end, he decided to launch his own group because others did not accept his requests ? ?? ?

Now it is the season of presidents and you win if you could vote for one of them :)

Vote United then. They either deliver or demission. A deal right?


Anonymous said...

Some people think that they can keep on fooling graduate students by badmouthing about competing candidates and trying to show people how they are "masiha = angel" for their community but my friend fact is that which you will know if you listen to people and a self inside you that you are not angel.
As some people have started sowing hatred they will in return going to get huge crop of the things they have sowed. So this years harvesting will be worst for these people so get ready for tough time !!!!!
I pray God will give courage to those to stand when the truth will rise on the morning of Thursday this week.

Anonymous said...

God will give you courage to accept the comments on your blog

Bilal Abdul Kader said...

I got these two comments from an anonymous who did not dare to put his name :)

I enjoyed reading them and I posted them for others to enjoy as well.

Basically I know the guy sending the comments and I would not like to disclose his identity because he did not have the courage to go out in the light and express freely. He is not used to :)

I will get up on Thursday morning to continue my life and work with other people as in the past. Nothing to loose. It is enough for me to win the respect of respectable people.

Anonymous said...

You should've written in your flyers GSA= (Money in my pocket).
It's a nice thing to have a salary from GSA to pay your expenses and to survive in Canada.
Money is a good thing in this life, money can make you run for a silly elections, money can make you hate your friends and even your brothers, MONEY can make you stay in the lobby and beg the students to vote for you, whereas the others are laughing at you.

Bilal Abdul Kader said...

Thanks Saki for your comments.

For people who does not know the writer, he was running as a competitor for this elections.

I wish him best of luck :)