Friday, October 14, 2011

Can not build it, Acquire it: Microsoft back to the fore front !

Microsoft is the behemoth and the ideal example of an IT pioneer. They weer not able to build a voice plateform around their MSN-Live Messenger, so they acquired Skype. They tried to compete using Bing but were not able to achieve what they want, so they have been trying to acquire Yahoo.

It is interesting to see the competence dynamics within the biggest information systems players.
  1. Microsoft has been accumulating cash for the past two decades out of its Windows and Office divisions. This money is being spent now to diversify as organic diversification did not work.
  2. Google has been accumulating cash from its Ad-words program and now using that cash to expand in all possible random directions. 
  3. Apple stands far from this electronic hysteria by pulling all its cash and depends heavily on its organic innovation and growth.
  4. Oracle tried the first first of all and then to acquire potential competitors and destroy the acquired target culture (the mySQL case)
  5. IBM is partially quitting the soft competition and concentrating on almost everything around without pushing itself to the headlines as much
  6. Red Hat has mades its first billion dollars in sales. What is next? Fight Ubuntu or CentOs?
It will be a quick and nice game to watch. However, the winners of the 2000 teens might not make it to the 2000 twenties most probably.

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