Saturday, March 31, 2007

Teaching Arabic as Second Language (TASOL)

Have you ever wondered or thought about learning Arabic as a second language?

It might be very hard and it seems as if you are learning the old Chinese. However it is a flexible language and very fun to start with.

The problem, though, is with the old teaching methodologies. This is a an innovative approach to teach arabic and I am sure you would love it

Check the complete set at this link:


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this method and believe it to be the most fun fot teaching kids.
I do however, wish that you would dissociate the idea of Arabic equaling Islam. I'm sure you know too well that there are so called "minorities" in the Arab world that are not muslims.
You seem like an intelligent and open minded person, otherwise I wouldn't have written to you.
Allah ma3ak.

Dr. Salman said...

jazak Allah khiar